LCPL Travis J. Layfield

May 26, 1984 – April 6, 2004

LCPL Travis J. Layfield was born on May 26th, Memorial Day weekend, wrapped in red, white, and blue. Travis was a fun, loving son. Growing up Travis never met a stranger; he just had a friendly way about him. Travis had a loving heart and funny personality that everyone just loved about him.

Inspired by his grandfather’s service as a Navy Seabee in WWII, Travis went into a Sea Cadet program at the age of nine. Travis loved it and excelled in all that he did. The Officers would tell me that Travis would make a great officer one day because he was a very disciplined, dedicated, and respectful young man. He went on to join the marines in the delayed entry program at his high school, and 10 days after graduation in 2003, he headed to San Diego for training at the MCRD station.

Travis graduated from boot camp in September 2003 and then went to camp Pendleton for further training before he deployed in February 2004. Travis was Infantry and a radio operator in his short time as a US Marine. Unfortunately, Travis was KIA in a horrific ambush in Ramadi, Iraq on April 6, 2004, with nine other Marine Brothers, and a Navy Corpsman.

On April 13th, Travis came home to us wrapped in red, white, and blue once again. On April 16th, we laid Travis to rest at Golden Gate National Cemetery, where he was awarded the purple heart.

Two and a half years after Travis’ death we found out Travis Had fathered a son he never knew he had. CNN came out and did a big story about us finding Dylan. We are blessed that Travis’ legacy will live in forever in Dylan!

No mother should ever have to bury her child. We and miss Travis immensely. Travis is etched in our hearts and minds forever. I am now his voice and will continue to carry his torch. Never forgotten!

Lovingly, Gold Star Mother, Dianne Layfield




proud u.s. marine

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