SSG Jonathan Kilian Dozier

As a youngster Jon was a kind and loving brother and son. He had a tender heart and a loving spirit. As he grew older he was surrounded by many loyal friends and his best friend was his sister Jennifer. As a teenager he loved to swim and surf. Many weekends were spent with family on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Like most youngsters, Jon liked to play soldier in the woods behind his home. He decided that he wanted to become one when he became a man. Jon selected Infantry and wanted to be the very best.


He graduated as Soldier of the Cycle from his Training Company at the Infantry Training Brigade, Fort Benning Georgia. Latter graduated from Jump School, Sniper Certified and completed Phase I of Special Forces Qualification Course. Jon served in Korea and had a break in service when he attended college.


He returned to the Army and continued his training as a Sniper and Scout with the 3rd Squadron (Wolfpack), 2nd Cavalry Regiment. The Regiment deployed in August 2007. Jon wrote that he was not afraid to die, but that he did not want to die for nothing and he believed in something larger than himself.


Jon died with 6 other warriors on January 9, 2008 in Sinsil, Iraq (Dyalia Province).



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