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When he joined the Army at 19, Eric was a wild young man struggling to find his way in life.  After 5 years, Eric volunteered for Explosive Ordinance Disposal, in which he graduated first in his class.  In January 2011, he deployed to Afghanistan and on March 10, 2011 Eric was killed by an IED while his team was clearing an area to make it safe for other soldiers.  Eric was a big personality and a friend to everyone.  One of Eric’s friends wrote about him: 

Some men are destined to live forever. Whether it be through achievement, heroism, fame or circumstance. The stories of Eric Trueblood are told far and wide. He was a star amongst his peers, and a beam of light to his family. Eric Trueblood's name will forever be uttered in the company of great men who did amazing things for their country.   - Kyle Yarbrough


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