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Darren and I met March 2006, on Myspace of all places. We finally got enough guts up to meet each other and on March 23 we had our first official date at his Military ball.  Darren had just gotten back from OIF 3 in January 2006. We fell in love with each other and on January 13, 2007 we got married. We were the world to each other. The day after we got back from our honeymoon we were notified that Darren would be going back to Iraq in May instead of August. We were devastated. He was not ready to go back. This was Darren’s 4th tour to Iraq, his 6th tour overall.

Darren had two children, Darren Jr and Marina.  Darren Jr joined the Army June 2006 and was sent to Iraq January 2007.  The week that Darren was killed their two Commanders were trying to get Darren and his son reunited for a day or two. That day never came.

Darren was also dad to my two boys, Franklin and Nash. They called him Daddio.

Darren loved to laugh, always joking. He always wanted the kids to have fun.  He loved the Jaguars and Gators.  Florida all the way!  He was a huge history buff. The History channel stayed on 24-7.  I used to groan at the sound of that channel. Now I would love to watch it with him. He played the bass guitar and drums and was very active in our church music ministry.

Darren taught me what love was. And that it was ok to love myself. Darren loved me unconditionally. I never had any doubt about his love for me.  When I was given the news about his death my world crumbled.

Darren loved the Army. He lived, breathed, ate, dreamt and slept it.  It was his life. I'm so proud of him and what he accomplished for us and our nation. I am so proud to have known him the short 15 months I had with him.  He taught everyone he came in touch with a lot about, love, faith, hope.

I miss him so much.

Proud wife of SSG Darren P. Hubbell,
Dana Hubbell 

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