SPC Stephan mace

Our family is originally from Purcellville, VA.  Stephan was killed at COP Keating, an Outpost in Nuristan Providence.  Their outpost of 53 soldiers was attacked by 400 Taliban.  Sadly, we lost 8 that day. 


Stephan was one of those people that everybody wanted to know and be like.  He was known for his good looks and great sense of humor.  Stephan had a big heart and no matter what, always did what was right.  He died at the age of 21, but probably did more and was loved by more people than most of us will in a lifetime. Stephan loved his country and serving was very important to him. He was so determined to make sure there was never going to be terrorists on our soil again. 


On the day Stephan died, he had just gotten off of duty.  When the battle started, Stephan ran back to his post to help his brothers.  He helped save many lives by providing fire so others could fall back.  Although gravely wounded, Stephan fought to stay alive. We know it is because he wanted to come home to his family.  It took them 10 hours to get Stephan out of Keating.  He was talking and joking with others all the way up until he went into surgery, where Stephan died on the table. 


Most people wouldn't have lived long with the wounds he sustained, but he was a fighter.  That is the way my son lived his entire life. 



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