Spc. daniel lucas elliot

SPC Daniel “Lucas” Elliott, of Youngsville, NC, died on July 15, 2011, in Basra, Iraq, three days before his 22nd birthday.  Lucas was a MP in the Army Reserve, attached to the 805th MP CO, located in Cary, NC. In 2009, he volunteered for deployment with the 810th MP CO out of Tampa, Florida, and completed a tour in Iraq. Upon his return, he reattached to the 805th and deployed with the 805th in May 2011.

Lucas was an Eagle Scout.   At the age of 12, Lucas began shooting on a high-powered rifle team sponsored by Sir Walter Gun Club.  Lucas’s passion for shooting turned into a skill which earned him several medals and awards through both the State Games of North Carolina and the NRA’s Civilian Marksmanship Program.

Lucas was an avid hunter and fisherman and his dream was to have his own TV hunting show. 

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