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spc christopher kube

My 18 yr old son, SPC Christopher David Allen Kube, was so full of love, life, laughter, humor.... after attending Michigan Youth Challenge Academy in Battle Creek, MI, my son knew what his purpose was in life.... that of serving in the US Army!!! Christopher touched more lives in his short 18 yrs, than I have in my 52 yrs!! My son was known by most his battle buddies as the jokester, and the morale booster. He was a Servant Leaderand Warrior to the end, when an EFP hit the up-armored vehicle which he held position as gunner in. Christopher was the only soldier killed in that vehicle. My Iife's mission is to continue in my son's name and being a servant leader as he was, and to keep his name and memory eternal. RIP, son.....Mission complete, job well done!!!

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