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sgt. zachary fisher

Our son, SGT Zachary M. Fisher, was an amazing young man, who joined the Army, as a reservist in 2005. He did his boot camp at Ft. Knox, KY, and his AIT at Fort Eustis, VA. He came home, after AIT, and was basically unfocused in his life. He came to his mother and I in December, 2006, and told us that he decided to go active duty. We asked him to give us two adult reasons why he would choose to put himself in harm's way. He told us that he needed the discipline of the Army, and he wanted to be a part of something larger than himself. We told him that he had the full, and total support of his family. Zack deployed to Iraq in February, 2007, and returned home in November, 2007., completing combat missions, as a heavy equipment operator. He lived at Ft. Bragg, NC, where he was stationed. He proposed to his lovely wife, Jessica, at Christmastime, 2007, and they were married April 26, 2008. They continued to reside at Ft. Bragg, until December, 2009, when Zack deployed to Afghanistan. His MOS had changed, however, and he was no longer a heavy equipment operator, but was promoted to an E-5, as a squad leader, in a route clearance unit. He continued to run route clearance missions, until 7/1 4/2010, when his vehicle was attacked by insurgents with a command wired improvised explosive device, at Zabul, Afghanistan, killing Zack, and three of his junior soldiers, and leaving one critically wounded.

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