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sgt thomas macpherson

Tommy was your typical Southern California Kid.  He loved to skateboard, surf and body board.  He spent much of his free time in Seal Beach California which ended up to be he and Claudia's favorite spot.  Whenever they would come to visit they always spent time in Seal Beach and dream about their future.  Tommy always had a pair of Ray ban's on, even when he walked me down the isle at his sister's wedding.  We all laughed about that!  He was just a cool guy.  Everybody loved Tommy.  Tommy entered the army with the intent of becoming a Ranger.  His dad and I were a little apprehensive because in his teen years he could be a little flaky.  Well we were about to see what Tommy was made of.  He did become a Ranger first time through each of the courses.  We were so proud.  He loved what he did and the camaraderie he had with his guys.  Tommy did 1 deployment to Iraq and 4 to Afghanistan.  He was killed 1 week shy of coming home on his 5th deployment.  His team was on a night mission when Tommy was shot and killed.  We are thankful that he did not suffer.  Tommy leaves behind the love of his life, Claudia and Brayden now 4 years old.  Our family has a huge hole in it but we are proud of Tommy and so thankful that he was willing to serve his country. 

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