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Sgt Cody legg

Individual Commitment Towards a Group Effort, That is What Makes a Team Work.

Cody was a great friend to all – encouraging, always upbeat, rooting for the underdog, mischievous, with that big smile that could light up a room. We have been comforted by the many friends who have told us about the impression Cody has left on their lives. "He had a light that is impossible to extinguish." "Cody had a youthful enthusiasm for life as well as mischief." "...spunk and energy for life..." "tremendous personality, depth of character, great sense of humor, and willingness to work to get the job done even if it means putting yourself in physical pain or danger." The Bronze Star Medal with Valor was awarded posthumously to Sgt. Cody Legg for exceptional valorous achievement as a squad leader on 04 June 2008 during Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

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