SO1 patrick feeks

How do you describe the essence of a man?

I could describe his mischievous grin, his irreverent sense of humor, the way his energy could fill a room…but that just scratches the surface.

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Patrick is INTENSITY.

I knew him as a boy, a son.

His teammates knew him as a man I could only glimpse. Parents want to believe your children are special, they tell me he was. One Teammate told the story of how Pat saved his life.  There is a story of compassion in the heat of battle.

I was told he was a Moral man. What more could a mother want?

Patrick wrote: “I love this job…there is not a job on earth I would rather do.”

How can this Essence, this INTENSITY, be gone? My broken heart knows it is true; my mind cannot comprehend it.

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