PFC Jason Meyer

Jason was the oldest in our blended family. He enlisted on 09/10/2001...and was told on 09/12 that he didn't have to stay in. He said his reasons for enlisting hadn't changed. He got hurt in Basic Training and chose to heal and stay in. He graduated and went on to Fort Stewart Georgia. About 2 weeks before his Company deployed to Kuwait, he hurt his knee again. He was told he couldn't deploy, but he insisted. He spent the time in Kuwait driving the "Lt" around while his knee healed. He was killed shortly after midnight on April 8, 2003, at the Baghdad Airport. 

We know he was where he wanted to be, doing what he wanted to do. His death inspired both his stepbrothers to enlist, too. We're very proud of all 3 of our boys. They are all heroes. 

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