lcpl matthew snyder

When Matt's things came back from Iraq, we found he had set a special alarm on his phone for his 21st birthday. He loved birthdays and holidays! He never made it to his 21st, but it's easy to guess what he would have done by the time he reached it-making people laugh, continuing his tour, getting some beers in; enjoying life, caring for others-especially the underdogs, loving family and country. It's wild to think what he could have accomplished had he lived-something we can imagine but will sadly never know. It's certain no matter what, he would be smiling, laughing and enjoying every minute. In trying to continue to celebrate Matt, and reflect who he was, we have begun The LCpl Matt Snyder Camp Snoops Project, whose mission is to promote patriotic education in the schools and help troops and veterans in need. Please read his story at

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