lcpl Eric "rick" Schreiber

Eric, “Rick” as he liked to be called, was the brightest star in our family. I know this because of the light that left us when he left. Rick’s dream was to be a Marine. All his life, that was what he wanted to do. Rick was full of good humor- able to laugh at himself and not take things so seriously (something I still need to learn!). He was full of kindness and had a gentleness of heart that I so often think about. I am so grateful for the time our family had with him. There is a quote which I think about around family and friends’ birthdays: “The day you were born was the day God decided that the world could not exist without you.” I can’t imagine the world without ever having Rick as part of it, and I now know thatGod must have decided that his work on earth was done in 20 short years. Semper Fi, brother. We will always love and miss you.

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