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lcpl daniel bennett

Dan was all boy. He had a quick wit and a wicked sense of humor that sometimes landed him in trouble but he always came through with a grin. Danny loved life and considered everyone his friend. He loved being part of something, part of the group, part of something bigger than himself.


Dan grew up in a family with a long history of military service – grandfathers, grandmother, great uncles, and cousins.  He looked at all branches of the military and decided that he wanted to join the Marines. Seeing Danny upon graduation at Paris Island, he stood taller. His solders were broader. You could tell he had a clearer sense of purpose and direction then we’d seen before. Dan was happy with who he was and he was proud to be a Marine.


Danny was very appreciative of what he had in life and was compassionate to those less fortunate. Every deployment and change of station, Danny would send us a list of his buddies who didn’t receive many care packages. Dan always asked that we send packages to his buddies who didn’t receive as much as he did.  When we lost Dan we lost more than a son, more than a Marine, we lost a young man with a heart of gold. 

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