my dearest jacob,

This is a day I wish I didn’t have to celebrate, Gold Star Mother’s Day. Yet, I couldn’t be any prouder on this day. For 21 years you earned gold stars for all your achievements (there was a bunch). I remember how your face would light up when you would tell me how you got them and in return I would hug & kiss you and say, “Wow, I am so proud of you! I knew you could do it!” I miss those moments…

My greatest achievement was becoming a mom for the 1st time 9-5-90, the day you were born. (2x’s since then.) Nothing could ever compare to that moment. That was my Gold Star moment!  Little did I know that on December 10, 2011, I would receive a Gold Star like no other. I wear my star with pride for all other’s to see, that not only did my life change, but to show how big and bright my star shines with 21 years of great achievements, sacrifice, strength, pride, honor and love that you, Jacob, have given to me and continue to do so daily, so I can carry-on on days like this…

I speak of you daily, because you lived! Mentioning your name or hearing your name is the sweetest words to me and by doing so, you live on…Thanks for calling me Mom. I am truly the blessed one and proud to call you my son.


                                                                                    Mom (Amanda)

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