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lcpl anthony denier

My son joined the US Marines on 3/14/11. He described it as a new chapter in his life. He was always taking care of his family and had many friends. After graduating Parris Island June 8th 2011, he went to Camp Legeune, for Infantry training. He became the best of the best. His first deployment was Oct 26th 2012. He was ready, though I wasn't. When I asked him if he was ready his answer was, "I'm finally going to do what I've been training to do." He was a proud, strong, courageous Marine, always looking out for his fellow brothers and their safety. His Captain said, "Anthony left us as he lived, protecting who he loved and putting their welfare before his own". His Commander said,"There's no doubt that Anthony's actions that day saved the lives of many Marines to his left and right. I am very proud of Anthony and his actions, for I know it is because of his sacrifice that the rest of us came home." I am proud of my son.

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