Alcohol by Volume: 4.9%

IBU rating: 25

Flavor Profile
Aromatic flowers, lemon, noble hops and a dominate yeasty nose.

Delicate pilsner malt flavors, grassy hops, tart hibiscus, lemon, herbs and farmhouse yeast.

Crisp mouthfeel with elevated carbonation that produces champagne like bubbles.  Easy drinking. 


This rustic craft Belgian Ale was brewed to showcase our expressive Farmhouse yeast strain imported from the Hainaut province of Belgium.  When fermented at elevated temperatures pushing 90 degrees F, we’re able to pull out complex flavors and aromas of lemon, pepper, clove and tart citrus. 

We crafted this special beer by adding 16 pounds organic dried Hibiscus flowers in the mash tun with Belgian Pilsner malt and German Pale Wheat malt of the highest quality. 

The addition of this flower, also known as “Rose Mallow”, lends a pleasant tartness, floral aromas, and a smooth quality that compliment the profile of the special yeast strain. 

This is an extraordinary example of the classic Farmhouse Ale that has become a standard in the brewing at Honor Brewing.  The delicate complexity, session-ability and wide appeal to both the novice drinker and experienced farmhouse connoisseur.  

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