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Cpt Brent Morel

Brent’s college years began in typical fashion; he joined a fraternity his freshman year and education took a back seat to fun.  Realizing that he needed discipline and structure, he joined the Marine Reserves and came back from boot camp with the desire to drop out of college and go active duty but was convinced to finish college and pursue active duty after graduation.  He learned about Officer Candidate School and his application was accepted, beginning his career in the USMC.  He hoped to rise to the rank of four star General.  Operation Iraqi Freedom began and he had just completed Marine Reconnaissance School when he was given orders to command a Recon group headed to Iraq.  In a firefight on 4/7/14, he was mortally wounded, with several of his platoon wounded.   When the dust settled, this group of Recon Warriors had earned many high awards for their valor, carrying out the Marine motto:  Semper Fidelis.


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