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Cpl philip mcgeath

I did have guilt when my son Philip was killed. As strange, as that may sound. I blamed myself for this heartache I had brought to the family. It was MY son that died and made everyone so sad. Ridiculous I know but it was truth to me then.

            Being a parent is not easy and not being able to fix the boo-boo is the worst. I know, because I’m living it every day. I used to think I loved him too much, and that’s why he was taken. I know it’s not true, but again, than it was true. Parenting my remaining children has changed, I have to swallow my fear, and smile and be brave when I’m sick to my stomach. Despite all that happened, I would do those 25 years all over again. I know my son Philip would too.

Corporal Philip Daine McGeath

 KIA 18 Jan 2012, Kajaki Afghanistan

Husband of Sarah McGeath

Son of David & Phyllis McGeath

Brother to: Amber-Laine Allgire,

Sgt. Kenneth McGeath, Sgt. Allen McGeath

 Vincente, Grayson & Cooper McGeath

When Philip was born on Dec 21 1986, he came home to us in a Christmas stocking, an early Christmas gift, and from that day on continued to live life to the fullest.  He loved football, especially his alma mater The University of Nebraska Cornhuskers.  He is loved by all and will be missed by so many…foreverever…

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