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cpl michael d. anderson

Michael D. Anderson Jr. joined the USMC at 18 years of age. He spent (3) years as a “Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team” Marine, based out the Yorktown Naval Weapons Station, Yorktown, VA. He trained with Navy Seals, and Delta Teams. In February 2004, his platoon was deployed to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, to secure and defend our US Embassy during the bloody Rebel advance to the Capitol City. Mike Jr had the opportunity to visit and tour the island of Iwo Jima on a Deployment to Yokusaka, Japan while a member of FAST CO.  


Mike Jr. then joined the most highly decorated infantry unit in the Marine Corps; 3rd Battalion of the 5thMarine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, in mid 2004.


Based out of Camp Pendleton, 3/5 “Darkhorse” has a unique unparalleled history in warfare. Mike Jr soon became a Squad Leader in Kilo Company, training several other Marines with some of the tactics that learned in FAST. The unit left for Fallujah, Iraq on September the 11th of 2004 for the upcoming Operation Phantom Fury aka The “Battle for Fallujah”.

He took the fight to the bad guys.


Sadly, on a cold December 14th of 2004, he kicked an interior door to find 8 enemy insurgents waiting for him in an ambush. He was killed instantly by a single insurgent’s bullet that pierced his heart. He was very passionate about his service in the Marine Corps and the missions that he was given to accomplish. He believed in what he was doing and had faith in humanity. Mike Jr. knowingly and voluntarily put himself in constant harm’s way daily for our freedoms, beliefs, and our American way of life.


He was a “Stellar Stud Marine” and we will miss him forever…


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