cpl justin watts


At 4:30 am I got a phone call from Justin at BWI; his battalion was enroute to Iraq for his 2nd deployment.  I never got to the airport so fast in all my life.  You never know when you see someone for the last time that’s what it is.  Four months later, I answered “the knock at the door” no parent wants. 


Justin had a fabulous sense of humor; he found comedy in most situations; a little mischievous with a charming quality enabling him to talk his way out of dilemmas on several occasions.  One of his closest high school friends said about him Justin was like a big brother to his many friends– looked up to by all.  Marines who’d worked with Justin say he could bring up spirits when times were tough.   Justin would crack a joke and toss water at the guys when Iraq’s heat got to them.  He was thought of as a motivator, a kind soul, and a leader.


We will love and miss him forever.


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