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cpl john corey tanner

Corey was my youngest of 3 sons. Born in Columbus, GA, he grew up being a mischievous but loving boy.  Always looking for something to do, he kept his brothers busy trying to keep him out of trouble.  He loved sports and played football, and basketball but seemed to really just rather hang with friends.  He loved laughter, girls, playing with the kids that flocked to him, cars, girls, giving smiles, family, girls, the beach, girls, and just loved life.  Did I mention he liked girls?  Lol!!  But he loved the Marine Corp the most.He joined the U.S. Marine Corp in 2005 after graduation and married a Montana girl, Rheanna, and were expecting their only child at the time of his death.  He served with the 3rd AABn, 2nd Plt, B. Co. and was killed by an IED in Albu Hyatt, Al Anbar Province, Iraq.

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