cpl. coty sockalosky

Coty, or ("Socks" as his friends called him) is/was too awesome for words. He was very proud to be from Cordele, Georgia, had a southern drawl and was known for wearing his old beat up Atlanta Braves cap. Coty or "Socks" was such a huge Braves fan, that he even took a Atlanta Braves license plate to Iraq and put it on his Humvee.
Coty was known for his beautiful blue eyes and his infection smile & for being very Sarcastic.
He graduated high school on Wednesday, and left for Parris Island on Sunday. He was with 1st Battalion 1064 Charlie Company. He became a Marine on August 31, 2007. He then went to SOI at Camp Geiger, were he became the baddest 0331 ever (says his mama). Coty loved & thrived as a Marine. He made many friends/ brothers through the Corps.
He was stationed at Camp Lejeune with 2nd Battalion 9th Marines, Golf Company & Weapons Company.
Coty deployed to Iraq in 2008 came home in March of 2009. Then he went on an EMU to South America. And then Cpl Coty " Socks" Sockalosky, on July 11 2010, deployed to that hell-hole called Marjah Afghanistan. October the 3rd, while his unit was sent out on a night patrol to search a compound, Coty walked through a door way twice, on the third time, he stepped on a pressure plate with a IED under it, were he was gravely injured, also injured were two others, Dario Sosa & Robbie Nelson.
Coty was hop-scorched from base to base until, he was taken to Landstuhl, Germany. Where, I his Mama Carolyn M. Adsit met up with him and held his hand and watched him die before my eyes. October 06, 2010. And life without him sucks. And I miss him more than can be put into words.

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