cpl christopher leon

Many of us know that God is in control over our lives, but there were so many instances that stood out in Chris's life. I was blessed to be at the hospital when Chris was born and bring him home as my son 3 days later. He was a chunky, happy baby. He smiled all the time. I would tell him he was my heart and he would say,” I know Mom.” He played different sports, loved paintball, skateboarding and football. He struggled in high school but found his direction with the Marine Corps. He said, “I'm going to make Nana and Grampa proud when I walk the parade grounds.” And proud we were! He was the Radio Chief and was stationed in Okinawa, Japan.
Before he left for Iraq he asked if I could find his birth mom. When I was able to contact his birth grand-mom she said it was the last day of the call forward on her phone. Before he deployed I said I wanted to be sure he knew the Lord in his heart. He said, “Don't worry Mom, if something happens I know where I'm going. We're on a first name basis. I call Him Jesus and He calls me Chris.” The day he was leaving for Lejune, we missed the first flight out. We had 3-4 more hours to spend together. It would be the last time I saw him. I can still see him going through security and every time he passed me I gave him a kiss. I will forever see him going up the stairs and out of sight forever. 
He served with the most amazing men. His best friend in Iraq was named Speller. The Major, at the time, said he called them Leon-Spell. They were joined at the hip and finished every mission with pull-ups. Speller held him after he was shot on the roof. I'm thankful there was someone to love him at that moment and that he didn't suffer. It has been the most difficult and painful journey any parent could go through. I am blessed beyond words that I was chosen to be his Mom. He brought me much joy, laughter and pain but I wouldn't trade any of it. He had a great heart and loved to laugh. The Marine Corps taught him a lot about family and what is really important in life. I was told he could always make the other guys laugh and had a smile through the struggles. I am immensely proud of the man he became but my heart will always be empty.
Miss you so much and love you so much more.

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