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Cpl chad S. Wade

As a young child he used to talk about being a Marine (mainly because my father was a Marine and they were so close) and I just knew deep down that one day he would be a Marine.  A year after high school he decided college wasn't for him and he needed to do something to find his purpose and came to us and wanted to join the Marine Corps.  I asked him to give it 3 months and work with his recruiter and think and pray about his decision (as we were at war).  He not only honored my request and gave it 3 months, but he trained and did mock up boot camps and after all that he still wanted to join.  We told him if this is what he truly wanted to do we would support him 100% and we did (and still do).

He joined in Oct. 2007 and deployed first to Iraq.  Because he was my only child he did not have to deploy the 2nd time to Afghanistan, however, he said he couldn't live with himself if he didn't go and something happened to one of his buddies.  He was their radio operator and translator so he went.  He was only 5 weeks into his deployment when he had just come off patrol and his unit was going back out, however, the radio operator that was to replace him on this patrol was called away Chad went in his place.  It was this patrol that he stepped on an IED and was killed.  His contract with the USMC would have ended shortly after he was due to return to Camp Pendleton, which ironically would have been his 23rd birthday.  It was difficult knowing his buddies/brothers still had to complete their 9 month deployment knowing they just lost a brother.  We worried about those boys the entire time while laying our son to rest at the Fayetteville, AR National Cemetery.

He was a very loyal friend and loved his family and friends to his core.  There have been a lot of testimonials to his loyalty and the kind of person he was as he has to date has at least 5 new babies named after him, which tells so much about the person he was.  Not only that, but nearly all his friends that have gotten married since have had a picture of Chad in their wedding to honor him as an honorary groomsman, both Marine brothers and friends from school.

He loved sports, especially TN Vols and Peyton Manning and loved to hunt, fish, and play golf as well as play his guitar.

 He was a wonderful son and missing him doesn't begin to explain the hole this is left in my heart and life.

 - Tami Boyett, GSM of CPL Chad S. Wade

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