Cpl Aaron Gautier

Aaron Daniel Gautier was born on a Thursday January 17, 1988 in Hampton. After 9/11, Aaron wanted to defend our country. He was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, Fort Lewis, Wash. Aaron died May 17,2007 in Baghdad of wounds sustained when his mounted patrol came in contact with enemy forces using small-arms fire and an improvised explosive device.
Aaron was such a beautiful baby. He grew up to be a fun, goofy kid. He was into everything as a young child, curious how everything worked and wanted to take things apart to figure it out. He was always kidding around. His favorite was to poke me in the side saying ” ma, ma, ma” till he got my attention. He had a wide variety of musical tastes, from country to rap. We did go see a few concerts together. His favorite bands were Creed, Linkin Park, and Three Doors Down. He like to hang out with his friends and play basketball, go to the mall, and watch NASCAR.

He told me that when he got out of the military, he wanted to go to school for computers, as I did. He enjoyed playing video games and wanted to learn how to design them. He was very close to his sisters, Trisha and Alexis, especially his oldest sister Trisha. They fought a lot in their early teen years, but became very close as they got older. She would get mad at him for flirting with her friends. 

Aaron touched so many lives, and went through so many changes when he joined the Army. One of the biggest changes was that he became a gentleman at a young age. The transformation from a boy to a responsible brave young man, when it came to hearing the call to defending our great nation. Sometimes I feel him still poke me in the side when I’m sleeping. I miss my crazy kid, my little man, my brave soldier.

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